Opening Hours
April 27 - June 28 and August 12 - September 22:
Sunday-Friday 9-15:30, Saturday 9-18
June 29 - August 11: Daily 9-18

Customer information

When you submit your customer information and place an order the information will be saved in the company's database. Vens Cykeluthyrning will not give away this information to a third party, or in any way mishandle it. When you place an order you automatically accept your information to be stored in our database according to PUL (the swedish law for personal information).

Cancellation of reservation

Any cancellation later than 4 PM seven days before the date of arrival is non-refundable.
If the reservation is cancelled after this moment the bicycles will not be available and no money will be refunded.

Terms and conditions for rental

The bicycles are reserved when they are paid for. The rental is valid between 9 AM and 9 PM. The bicycles are to be collected and returned at the bike rental depot in Bäckviken. Any time paid for but not used is non-refundable. The company does not take any responsibility for any damage caused on clothes or body during the time for the rental. The customer is responsible for the bicycle being in acceptible condition and where to go for needed service, see bicycle map. Time exceeded the said return time will be debited 50 SEK per bicycle and trailer.
 OBS! Reservations can only be collected at the bike rental depot in Bäckviken!

Card payment

In Step 5: Payment, you can choose to pay for your booking with VISA, Mastercard or Maestro. The full cost of the booking will be charged at the time of payment. All prices shown in the booking flow are incl. VAT (25%).

Contact information

Vens Cykeluthyrning AB
Landsvägen 20, 26195 Sankt Ibb
VAT: SE559103786501
(+46)418 - 72 250